Господин Такигава, насколько важен для Tokyo Boeki российский рынок? Tokyo Boeki работает в СССР и России уже более 55 лет, что говорит само за себя.

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 /  /  What are the advantages of cooper ation with Tokyo Boeki? Firstly, we offer our customers not just individual devices and equip ment but integrated solutions to solve their problems. For exam ple, JEOL electron microscopes can be equipped with various additional equipment of the lead ing international manufactur ers including Oxford Instruments NanoAnalysis, Bruker, Gatan, Horiba, Renishow and others. „e overall package also includes service support, our engi neers work closely with the ser vice departments of equipment manufacturers. Secondly, we offer our custom ers flexible financing schemes for transactions and assist in raising the borrowed funds for the pur chase of equipment, that is our knowhow. Mention should be made about such factors as the low rate of the yen, which also gives us advantages over com petitors from Europe and North America. Russian customers appre ciate our competence, not coincidentally JEOL electron microscopes are mainly buy from us and not from other distributors. Have the political situation and related economic sanctions affected the Tokyo Boeki opera tions in Russia? „e market situation has changed, and it turned out that quite a lot depends on how the sanctions are treated by the governments of vari ous countries. In fact, companies from the countries where sanc tion compliance control is less rigid gained a competitive advantage. „e Russian import substitution policy has become an additional chance for us as the organisation of high tech industries requires the most modern measuring and processing equipment that we are ready to sup ply Russian enterprises. What projects in  ­€ were the most important? Our company was involved in the creation at the Chemistry Department of the Lomonosov Moscow State University of a labora tory equipped with six JEOL desktop scanning electron microscopes JCM †ƒƒƒ ˆNEOSCOPE II‰. This model has broad functionalities, and is equipped with detectors of the sec ondary and backscattered electrons, and it also allows the research in a low vacuum. At the same time, it is compact, easy to operate and opti mal for use in teaching. What are the business develop ment plans of Tokyo Boeki in Russia? Although the last two years have been difficult for the Russian mar ket, we are optimistic about the future. We plan to strengthen the partnership with the Russian cus tomers by helping them with our experiences and knowledge. It may be quite an interesting new area to arrange for the Japanese supplies for research, we are considering such a possibility. I am confident that Tokyo Boeki will make a signifi cant contribution to fostering a new hightech economy of Russia. ƒanks for the interesting story. „e interview was taken by Dmitry Gudilin      \r \f   \f\n \r\r \f \b\f \f\f\f "\r\f".  \f   \f\n\r\r\f  \f \f  \n \r  \f\f\b \f\f\f   \b\f \b "\f\f\f \f\r", \b\f \f\f \f\f\f\b "\r\f", \f\b \f\f\f\b, \r\f \b "\r\f", \b\f "\r\f\f \b\f"    "­­€‚\t \r\f". ƒ \f  \r\r  \f\r\f\b  \b  \f \f   \f\f \f, \f  \r\r \f   \r\f \r\f   \r\f. „  \f  €\r… ƒ \f\f\f   \r\b \r\r\b\f  "\b" \f\f\f \f \f   \r\f "\r\f".  \r…† \f  \r\f  "\r\f"    \b\f \b, \r\b \f\f \r\f\b  \b\f  \b \f, \f \f \f   \f \b\r \f,   \b\f\f\b \f\b \r\f\b  \f   \f \b\f \b. ‡\f  \f\f\b\f \b \r  \n\f  \f\f \r†\f \f  \f\f \f\f \f "\f".  †  \b \b\f  " \f" \f\f\f "\r\f"  \b\f "\r\f\f \b\f"  \r\f \b DEEPIPE Composite&Element. DEEPIPE Composite …  \r\f\f \f,  \r\b \n\b\f \f \b \f \r \f \f \n, \r\r…† \f . ‡\r  \r \f…  \b† \n\f DEEPIPE Element,  …… ˆ‰ \f €\b\f, \f  €\b …   ˆŠ‹ \f \f\f. \r\f \b   \b\f     \f \b\f\f: \b \f  \f\f\f,    .. „\f\f \b†\f Œ  ‰,Ž \b\f. \b \r  . \n " \t\b"   \r  \b   C   /  /  ’  \r \f\r\b   \t\r \f \r \f\b   . ­\t, \r\t \r \f\f\r   \r\t €   \r\r     \f\r\t        .  \r    \r €,  \f  \b \t,    \r \r ”  ’  \r \f ›\t  \b ‹\r. \b \f\f \t  ’  \r , \b   \t \r\t JEOL  \r ’  ,     ’. \n \n  \f  \r  \t    \b\n Tokyo Boeki  ?    \t \f\r, \r,  \f,  \r \f  ,    ’ \r \f\t . š, \r \f  ,    \f ’\r  \b \r \b, €,  \t \r ”. œ\t\r \r     \r\f\r”  ,   \f  \t\t  \f  \r \r \f\r     , \t \r\t \t   \b\r   \r.  \n\f   ­€  \n \b  \t\f\t? ‘ \r     \f  \r\r € ‚    \r. ‚.­.“\r , ”\b ’ \t\r \t\r \t\r \r\r JEOL JCM†ƒƒƒ ˆNEOSCOPE II‰. ž \r  \r € \r,   \r \t  \t  ,   \f  \t     \r \f \r. ­\r  \r,  \r,       \r  \f  \r  . \f \f  \n \b Tokyo Boeki  ? Ÿ    \t  \b \t \t\r, \r\t  \r\f\r\r \r\r  ”. \n\r      \b\r \f\f\r, \r \r \r \t\r  \f \r. ™\t\r \t\r \r \r  \f    \t \r  \t \b  \r\t \r\r ’ \f\r. •,  Tokyo Boeki \r  ”\t\b   €\r  \b \t\b \r . ‚\b  \n\f\r .  Ž.š  œ.Š range of equipment includes Xray  /  /  considering it a chance to be used as much as possible. What equipment types and brands are in demand in the Russian market? We are developing two areas, which account for roughly equal shares in our profit pattern, i.e. scientific equipment and industrial solutions. The scientific equipment is repre sented by Japanese brands such as JEOL, Nikon, Rigaku, Unisoku, Neoark and others. In Russia, the electronic micro scopes JEOL are best known and well in demand, of course. The devices of this brand are appreciated worldwide for reliability and excel lent performance, and it is no coin cidence that they are used by lead ing scientists and research teams. In particular, the JEOL˜s share exceeds ƒ– in the global market of trans mission electron microscopes. The range of scanning electron micro scopes includes both entrylevel devices for simple research and educational purposes and models of the highest class with a maxi mum resolution of less than  nm. Additionally, JEOL is developing sample preparation systems and electron probe microanalysers. We have been cooperating with the company Nikon and JEOL for more than ƒ years. Optical Nikon microscopes are used for research and quality control in the semicon ductor industry as well as microelec tronics, instrumentation, mechan ical engineering and metallurgy. A separate area is the medical and bio logical research, for which offered is a wide range of devices from com pact direct and inverted microscopes to systems that use the methods of stochastic optical reconstruction ˆSTORM‰ to provide the resolution of ‡ƒ nm previously unattainable in optical microscopy. Since  the company Rigaku has produced devices for Xray research methods. Currently, the ’ \r\r \b \b   ˆSTORM‰  \r  \b \r \f   ‡ƒ \r. Ž\r Rigaku    \t  \t   \r  . ­  ” \r  \b      €\r\t, \t \f\t \r,  € \t \r\t   \r€\t. \n\t Rigaku \f’ ’, \r’  \b  \r’ \f. —  \f \r\t      \b\b \t ’” \f\t \r \t Unisoku. ­     \t  \t Œ‚,  \t    \t  \t    \t \r, \t \r\t \b  \f \r, \f \t     \f\r ,   \f   \r\r . ™,  , ’  \t \f\r    \f \r\t \b \r      €€ ˆ€€ Ž‰, \t\r \r\b Neoark,  ”  …ƒƒ \t  \r’ \f   \f  ” \f\b \f. —’,  \r\t  \r     \r\b,  , \r, \r\t  \r\f Oxford Instruments,   \t\r \r\r  \r\t  Gatan    \t \b  \r \f \b. \n\t\f Tokyo Boeki \t\f\f   \t\n \n\n \n   \n\r \n? ‚ \r \r\t  \f\r   ˆSpark Plasma Sintering  SPS‰ \f \b \r Sinter Land. š SPS \f   \f  ,  \r , \t, \r\t \f\b     \t\b    . Sinter Land \t ’ \r   \f\b ’ \r\f    \f  \r\t. ­\f\r \f    \t  \f\f.  \t \n\n \t\n \n\n \t  Tokyo Boeki? ­\t, \r\t \r \r \f\f \r   \t \t  ,  \r\t   \f. ‘\r, \t \r\t JEOL \r \r  \f\t\r \t\r  \r ” \r\t \f\b, ’ Oxford Instruments NanoAnalysis, Bruker, Gatan, Horiba, Renishow  . ­ ”\b        \t   Mr. Takigawa, how important is for Tokyo Boeki the Russian market? Tokyo Boeki has operated in the Soviet Union and Russia for more than  years, which speaks for itself. Our first project in the Soviet Union, the delivery of the electronic microscope JEOL, was implemented in , i.e. just two years after the renewal of diplo matic relations between our coun tries. Since then, Tokyo Boeki has supplied Soviet and Russian research and educational organ isations more than ,ƒƒƒ pieces of scientific equipment. In , we opened an office in Moscow, which was the first representative of companies from nonsocialist countries and was officially rec ognised by the government of the USSR. „e cooperation had devel oped at the highest level, and our partner was the State Committee for Science and Technology of the USSR Council of Ministers. From …† to , Tokyo Boeki was sup plying production lines to such flagships of the Soviet industry as VAZ and KAMAZ. After the demise of the Soviet Union we have main tained our position in Russia and the CIS. In particular, formal agreements on cooperation with the Russian Academy of Sciences and Lomonosov Moscow State University were entered and are being implemented. Currently, ‡‡ people are working in the Moscow office, and two of our staff mem bers represent Tokyo Boeki in Kiev ˆUkraine‰. Overall, we estimate the Russian market as one of the most promising; I would even call it the largest niche market in the world. Of course, it has some specific features but we can say that every year the busi ness environment in Russia is getting better and more trans parency. „erefore, unlike many other Japanese companies, which have been traditionally oriented towards Asian markets, we are developing our business in Russia  /  /  \r .  \f   \r\r \t\r   \r \r \t Š\t\b \r  ‚     .  …†   \t Tokyo Boeki     \r €\r\r \b \r\t,  ­‹Œ  Ž‹‚‹Œ. \n   \r\t   \f      ‘Š. ­ , \f’\t  \f’ € \t      \b\b \r\b   ‚\r \t\r \r \r.‚.­.“\r. ­  ” \r  \r \r € ’ ‡‡ ,      ’ Tokyo Boeki  Ž ˆ•‰. ­  \r \r\t  \r \b\b \t   \f  \t, \t  \f  \r\t\r \r \t\r \t\r  \r. Ž,  \r   € ,  \r ,   \t\r \r \f      ,     \f\t, "\f \b". \n\r,    \r    \r\b, \t     ’ \r”  \f \t, \r\t \f\r \b \f  ,   \r, \t\b  \r\r  \f.  \n\f  \t \b \n \t  \r\t \f? ‚\t \f\r   ,  \t    \r \t     \t:   \t \b  \r\t\t  . ‘   \r \r \r,  JEOL, Nikon, Rigaku, Unisoku  Neoark  . ­   \f\t  \t,  , \t \r\t JEOL. \n\t \b \r     \r \r \f   \t   , \b  \f’ ” \t   \t. ­  ,  \r\r \t ’”  \t \r  JEOL \t ƒ–. ‘\r ’” \t \r  ’  \t    \t   \f \t \f,   \r \r \t   \r\r\t\r \f\r \r  \r. \n\r\r , JEOL \f\t \r\t    \f\t \r\f\t.  \r\b Nikon,    JEOL, \r\t  \r   ƒ . — \r\t Nikon \r ’  \b     \b \r\t  \r, , \r , \r. —    \r      ,  \t  \b\b    \r\t  \r\t   \t \r  \r, \t  C  TOKYO BOEKI      \r\f \f  TOKYO BOEKI, A RELIA LE PAR O DEVELOP HIGH ECHNOLOGIES ,  ,   \r\r,   \f,    . \n \t\b \b  \t\r \b\t\r, \b \t\r  \t\r \r        \f  \b \r   \t\f \r \r   Tokyo Boeki,  \b       \t\f   .  \r \t    \b     \t  \b\b   ,  ­€\b  ‚‚  \r   ƒ\r €\r  „„ . Tokyo Boeki  \t €     \b, \r€,  \t \t, …, \r\b  \b\f  …\r. † ‚„ \b  \b\r\r  \t ‡ \r. . ˆ     \r\b\r \t,  \r  , ‰, Š‰, ˆ  . ‹ \f  \r \t  \t  It is known that reliability can be proved only over time, both in technology and in business. As far as the cooperation with Russian scientific, educational and industrial organisations in the delivery of advanced research and production equipment is concerned, few foreign companies  /  /   

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